Saturday, May 15, 2010

Lee DeWyze Honored in Chicago, Mount Prospect Friday

Lee DeWyze Honored in Chicago, Mount Prospect Friday

FOX Chicago News

Chicago - American Idol finalist and Mount Prospect native Lee DeWyze is in town Friday after making the top three on the show.

He began a busy day in Chicago at FOX Chicago News, then was scheduled to throw out the first pitch at the cubs game and wrap up with a concert at Arlington Park.

Lee DeWyze Does the Weather:

Mount Prospect is very proud of DeWyze’s success on Idol and rolled out the red carpet for his homecoming.

The city will welcome him home with t-shirts, billboards, posters in local businesses and a parade that starts at 4:30 Friday afternoon.

It will run along Northwest Highway between Route 83 and Central Road.

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  1. Lee Dewyze Photos in Mount Prospect / Arlington Park by Adam Panek

  2. @ Adam - do you have photos to post??

  3. Lee is AMAZING!!! My favorite so far!!! :)

  4. hello, i am from argetina, i love lee... is amazing...

    is a great person and with all this coyness it is a captivation

    It deserves to win american

  5. hy,4 Lee jus 1 word OMG...u r getin better each dae...n i luv u Lee.ol my prayers wit u.