Sunday, May 16, 2010

Lee DeWyze Hometown Visit Opening Speech (Lee DeWyze Day)

American Idol's Lee Dewyze comes back home! Here he is walking onto the stage at Arlington Park Racetrack with over 41,000 fans in attendance! Lee becomes overcome by emotion several times, from all the love and support from his screaming fans.

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  1. Holy Mackeral! Lee looks *stunned*! He can't tell if he's crying because all these people love him, pr because he has just realized his entire life is going to be different from now on, or from sheer relief at knowing he's now a success in a tough game, or a huge mixture of all sorts of things!

    Lee, we love you because you are so wonderfully unafraid to show your feelings, which are deep and thoughtful.

  2. I second all of what was said by Louise. It's strange but he is so down to earth that I almost feel like I am letting go of a friend...letting go in the sense that he is moving away from Chicago, unto pure celebrity and will no longer be a mere mortal like me lol

  3. He's down-to-earth attiutde makes him simply loveable, hopes he continue that way, and be awesome! He's the winner no matter what!