Monday, May 24, 2010

Lee DeWyze comes home to Chicago ~ Fans send their love!

Lee DeWyze from Fox's American Idol Season 9 comes home to Chicago on May 14 2010, to thousands of screaming fans! Lee's Homecoming Visit also included stops in Mt. Prospect and Arlington Heights. This tribute video shows the outpouring of support for Lee, including greetings from fans, his brother, and video of Lee's visit. Please leave your comments below!

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Special thanks to The Pauly Vincent Show for the video!


  1. I love Lee when he sings... I thank you for the video, but it is too bad we can't hear the tributes that are being said. All I get is the music (which I am not complaining because, I love Lee singing SIMPLE MAN. it is one of my favorite Lynard Skynard Songs!)but is it possible to lower the music to background and let us here the tributes?

  2. Your amazing Lee DeWyze, I cant wait to meet you on tour! You are incredible and while I think no one could love you more, there are so many fans out there loving you just as much as me. Thank you for being you!

  3. Great video.... What a great and humble guy. So proud to have him from the area!!

  4. Just saw you on Ellen, you are so adorable! I LOVE you, everything about you.

  5. From SC, you and Crystal are already winners but we know you will win this competition. Don't forget where you've come from and don't let "Success Spoil Rock Hunter." Stay grounded in your beliefs and sing Praise to God for blessing you with such wonderful talent and supportive parents/family/friends.

  6. American Idol is such a great show! Taking normal people just like Lee and giving them the chance that you can't get any place else.
    Lee, You just amaze me how humble you are. Most people would get a big head by now, yet you haven't. Go all the way! I am voting for you at home.PS- We need to sing together!

  7. This is a great video, thank you for posting it. Lee is a great guy, with talent, strong work ethic, and it seems he has a good foundation with his family and home town support. It takes many of us a lifetime to figure out what's important to us, but this young man seems to be at a good starting point in his life. Best wishes in your endeavors, Lee.

  8. very nice... stay humble!

  9. My Idol Lee Dewyze,
    Lee, wonder how you do all that i.e. when you are flooded with your fans and yet you seemed so cool and collected and you did not let all of these get into your head.

    For me, the way you mingle with your fans, the way you go through the crowd with a cool head and the way you sign autographs, all seemed to me like, you have been doing this sort of things for a long time - like you have been there before, like you have been a celebrity or a superstar before.

    I love your cool, sincerity,simplicity, originality, rooted humbleness and needless to say, your music and unique vocal talents! And.... your mesmerizing, captivating and familiar smile and eyes. You reminded me of somebody but I won't tell you now.

    Wishing you all the best tomorrow night and enjoy your finale moments. We all love you very much. Take care.