Sunday, May 23, 2010

25 Things You Didn't Know About Lee DeWyze

Lee DeWyze photo

25 Things You Didn't Know About Lee DeWyze

1. I always eat too much on Thanksgiving

2. I don’t like onions

3. I played baseball when I was younger

4. I have an English bulldog named Capone

5. I don’t like vanilla ice cream

6. I always forget to charge my phone

7. I still tie my shoelaces with bunny ears

8. I can juggle–somewhat.

9. I’m afraid of heights

10. I love the zoo

11. I miss Saved by the Bell

12. I think clowns are scary

13. I’m a Scrabble fanatic

14. I’m not allergic to anything

15. I want a moped

16. I like to play poker

17. I could never beat the Top Gun video game

18. I have four tattoos. The most recent is the Chicago flag on my right arm. All my musical ventures started there

19. I play the drums

20. I’m a Mac, not a PC

21. I forget birthdays…a lot!

22. Fall is my favorite season

23. I don’t have a girlfriend, but wouldn’t mind one

24. I like to call my family before every performance. It makes me feel better

25. I am romantic

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  1. Awwwww, this is awesome! =) Rooting for you. Andddd, hope you get a chance to visit Malaysia! =) #1 fan! <3

  2. Lee- Aren't you too young to miss "Save by the Bell"? P.S. My son's name is Zack (yep, named after Zack Morris). You have good taste in music and TV! :) Fan from Palatine

  3. this is the first season i have ever watched AI.But who ever on wins wednesday, you both should be proud. great job!!

  4. Oh my gosh, I thought I was the only adult who still tied their shoes with bunny ears! I feel better about it now, haha.

    I've had a crush on you since the beginning, Lee! Given that I'm more about personality than looks, it seems I have good taste. You have them both. ;)

    Good Luck!

    Amber-Northwest Indiana

  5. Well...I DID fall in love with you the moment I saw you on Tryouts...and I'm from Ohio, but teach, so I can move anywhere....LOL

    I think you are phenomenal and am so excited for the start of your career!

  6. Awwww, good luck in the finale!!! Everyone back home is rooting for ya!!! Your first two albums are great btw. Oh, and I'm sure Melissa says "Hi"!!!

  7. Lee DeWyze,

    You are amazing and I really hope you win, nothing against Crystal..if only you both could win because you sound great together! Anyways, I know you have a lot of fans that write to you all the time so you might not even read this, but I would love to hang out with you one day, it would be so much fun! Well good luck! :]

    <3 Kristina (Florida)

    p.s your 25 facts are great, esp number 24.

  8. don't have a girlfriend?
    i really wanna be one =)
    come to Indonesia,please...
    you're just so amazing

  9. Lee, my 79 year old mom watched idol this year because of you!!! I grew up in Mt. prospect, went to prospect and still work in Mt. Prospect. You are awesome and love listening to you sing!!!! I also know someone who knew you in highschool and she loves you!!!

  10. Hi Lee,

    #1 or #2, it doesn't matter to us anymore, YOU R MY IDOL. I listen to your songs everyday and love it so much. Love the husky part of your voice and your gentle sweet dual vocal.
    Come to our beautiful country, Malaysia and visit K.L. You don't have to go up to the Twin Tower (since you have height phobia).

    Love to be your girlfriend but maybe I am too old for you. Don't mind to be your No. 1 Fan.

    Lee, you look perfect now, so don't put on any more weight. Don't drink cold ice water before your singing, warm water will open up your voice more. Good luck in the finale! Enjoy your moment. Lots of love from us here.

  11. Lee, you make Chicago proud. It's awesome to see such a great talent from this area grow into such an amazing musician and person... I'm so happy for you that your dreams are coming true. The thing I really love about you is that you are really are a humbled person. You can see it in everything you do. You REALLY are taking in and appreciating the process you are going through. You love your fans, and you stay grounded... Congrats on everything! Your life has forever changed. Hold on, and enjoy the ride... You are an amazing talent, and an amazing person.


  12. Wow, it was so cool to find out some nice things about you....including the fact u don't like vanilla ice cream. Neither do I!
    Actually, I can't believe u don't have a girlfriend... I would easily be on the line of girls waiting for you.
    Whenever u can... visit Brazil...I'll be the first one to see u here!
    Luv Ya!
    Let's win this thing!!!

  13. Dear LeeDeWyze

    You are my Idol. You have a very charismatic vocal and personality. You hardly smile but when you do, OMG, you make the whole world smile.

    Can't wait for you to win. We BeLEEve you will be the American Idol. America, VOTE LEE till your phone explodes!!! :-)

    LEE is De Wyze choice. He is talented, creative, sentimental, gifted voice, humble and has starry starry dreamy magical eyes.

    LEE, Love you very much.- Female Fan

  14. Hi Lee

    You rock. Come and rock S.E.Asia. You have Asian surname too, "Mr. Lee".

    Give us another "moment" next Tuesday. You have great vocal and you are very talented with the song arrangement. Be cool.Stay original. You can do it.

    Wishing you all the best in your finale. You are our favourite Idol. You are really a nice sensitive guy, not put up, very composed and very down to earth. Love you so much.

    Hugs & lots of Luv from your girlfans in S.E.Asia.

  15. Michelle-(age 21)May 23, 2010 at 11:12 AM

    Hey Lee,
    I doubt you're going to read this but I think it's pretty cool that those 25 thins were posted. Not only do I love to hear and see you perform, but I'd love to get to know who you are as a person as well. You seem like a sweet genuine guy and you're really cute! lol.
    Also, I think it's pretty funny that you hate vanilla ice cream. I do too. Unless it's dreched in chocolate, which kinda doesn't make it vanilla anymore anyways. haha.
    But anyways, I've been following you this season since episode one and you've always been my favorite. your slumberland album is playing in my car right now. I'm so excited to hear more from you in the future. You're going to do amazing things in the music industry. Can't wait to come to one of your shows once you win the finale. You're incredibly inspiring. thank you for that.
    and also, i would like to join the line of girls waiting to date you...i'm willing to move. just sayin. lol. there's just something about you that's really cute and genuine and you seem like a fun guy. =)
    much luck in your career to come. love ya!

  16. Saved By the Bell and mopeds are awesome!!!!!!! Lee Dewyze looks like a moped sort of guy.

  17. I miss Saved by the bell too (I had the whole dvd collection), and I dont like clowns either. Glad I am not the only one! Can't wait to see you perform Tueday and you be announced the winner wednesday :) I have been voting for you since the beginning. I can't wait for your cd to be released! GOOD LUCK!!!

  18. Lee, will you consider a girlfriend who is just a wee bit older? Say, 51? Love you, Lee!

  19. Lee, would you be my future step father? How about my older brother? My mom loves you! She is really too old, so maybe we could just adopt you. Love you, Lee!!!!!

  20. This is the kind of information we never really get to hear enough on Idol! I'm sure we all would love to get to know you better and this list was so fun to read. You have won the hearts of America by your talent and your humble nature. I feel blessed to have gotten to know you (at least in some respect through the show) and I will be voting like mad for you on Tuesday night! Lee you absolutely take my breath away, and I know I'm not the only one who feels that way!

    By the way, I think it's so cute that you can embrace a love for Scrabble... it's an awesome game haha

    My question... We know you are a Cubs fan (solid!), but is Lee DeWyze a fan of the Fighting Irish??

    Love you!

  21. Dearest Lee,
    I am also 51 and single again. I know i can't compete with those sweet young chicks to get into the line, but don't mind to know you more and be your blog friend and fan.

    It is strange. I can't stop singing Boxer and can't stop thinking of you. You sweep my feet away with your gifted voice and your soft eyes and your talent in changing up the song to make it current and better, and you are so versatile in your voice i.e you switch your voice to suit the type of song. Love it! You deserve to win.

    So happy for you and you made us proud. Your family must be very proud of you. If you are famous, don't get carried away. Your band buddies are genuinely nice to you (read about it in Daily). Love those organic songs too. Take care & good luck in the finale.

    We beLEEVE U & U have to BeLEEVE in yourself . You have the natural gifted voice and humble personality. You have to step out of your modesty to win and to be American Idol and show your full confidence by letting it all out and feeling all the love from your fans.
    Love your genuine smile.Kisses from your fans.

  22. I am so honored to know that you are from my hometown. I only wish I had the chance to know you in person. So many people in this world do things for materialistic reasons. I can tell that that aspect of your impending fame ( I use the word "impending" loosely since everyone in the world now loves you) is not what's most important to you, and that makes me proud. And I don't even know you. Your heart and soul reach out to me as you sing each week, and I think, upon reading your fantastic list here that I may add my name to the list of girlfriends you could have haha. if you don't mind dating a Puma it's all good lol.

  23. Lee,

    You've definately changed my mind about american idol! I never watched it before this season and you've kept me watching this whole time. I even bought tickets to American Idols Live to hear you sing!

    I tried to learn to juggle....but it never worked out so to even juggle somewhat is a huge accomplisment ; ) I also tried to learn how to play poker......but i always end up broke lol.

    It's nice to know your single, my mom and i have been debating that fact since the beginning of the show! just watch out for all the fake girls out there now.

    See You at Summerfest in Milwaukee Wisconsin!!

    P.S. Reruns of Saved By The Bell are on TBS starting at 6 am Central Time....I watch them before i leave for class at college : P

  24. Specially for: LeeDeWyze,

    LEE, " BE WYZE "!!! STAY FOCUS!!!

    Don't let Love "drown" you..

    Music is... your TRUE LOVE, it will never let you down. Take it easy.

    Sincerely Yours,
    True Fan.

  25. Dear LeeDeWyze

    My instinct tells me YOU can go very far with your music talent and your gifted acoustic vocal and genuinely fine personality.

    The time has come for you to shine like a STAR*************.
    Your once-in-a lifetime opportunity is knocking at your door now.




  26. You rock Lee! We went to your highschool yesterday for my daughters cheerleading competition and when she found out you went there she was so excited (she is 6!!). It was really nice that they had it posted on their sign. We watched you from day 1 and knew you were the best!! Best of luck to you this week. You deserve this and much more!!

  27. I am so with you on the whole onions and ice cream thing. I use bunny ears all the time being a preschool teacher and all..LOL. I wish you all the best, you already have my vote. Rock on, you are the new American Idol!!

  28. Lee- you are adorable! I just ordered both of your CDs- Slumberland and So I'm Told! Good Luck on Tuesday, I'll be voting for you!!!

    Lori- Tampa, FL

    ps- want to play scrabble! ;o)

  29. Lee, You rock. I wish for anything to meet you. When you come to Portland Maine I will meet you. I am too old for you (eh...36...emm) but I really dream I could reach you somehow and for you to show me what a "romantic" is...=) Good luck and we'll meet sometime I just know it!!!

  30. Lee Dewyzeee :) 20 in common, i counted ;)
    And I have both slumberland and so im told.
    Good luck for the finalsss :)

  31. Lee,

    Can't thank you enough for sharing your life with the world. I am a huge DM fan and you are so much like him and I look forward to listening to your music for many many years. Can't wait for your first concert!! It would be awesome to hear you sing a DM song on Tuesday :) Good Luck on Tuesday even though you don't really need it, you already have us no matter what happens. P.S your cd's are great and for those of you that haven't found them yet, I highly reccomend that you do.

    It's all you Lee!!

    Thanks Again

    Bill - Lake Mills, IA

  32. You're a winner already! Go, Lee!!!

  33. Lee, I just have to say you are absolutely amazing!! I have loved you since day one and every performance I watch I just feel like you get better and better! I would love more than anything to meet you someday and see you perform! love that you are a lover of animals and are a romantic..I am too! :) Good luck tomorrow I will definitely be rooting for you!

  34. It's really great to know that we have a lot in common, especially the part where your favorite season is fall...I always wanted to experience fall in our country but since our country is in South-East Asia, there really is no chance for me...too bad I cannot vote for you but still, I'm counting on your upcoming "after the Ai" album...hope to see you preform in our country someday...God bless you! ^_^

  35. DAMN NO GIRLFRIEND.....IF I WAS ONLY 20 YEARS YOUNGER....hell even 10. No seriously you have had my heart with your voice, humility, personality, and appearance from the did Kris Allen. U have become my heartthrob even tho my son is a year younger than you.....LOL. WE CAN SEE UR A ROMANTIC. Thank you Lee for adding so much thrill and excitement to my Tuesdays and Wednesday. I LOVE YOU KIDDO!!!!!! UR HOT TOO!!!!

  36. I LOVE YOU LEE!!!! your amazing!! i've been cheering for you since day it's time for you to take he prize...but ill still love you either way because your awesome...
    and no girlfriend??..wish I was!!!!
    best of luck

  37. Wow..we could be practically related. I hate onions, watched every 'Saved by the Bell', love dogs, forget to charge my cellphone all the time, dont' like clowns, look family for support, and guess what? My name is Autumn. Haha...the only things is, is that we can't possibly really be related because I absolutely love any kind of ice cream there is out there.
    O.K. Lee. I am backing you up tonight! I hope you win! Crystal is good too, but you have this fire I can see. You really really want it. I think you deserve it.

  38. im rooting for you you are amazinggggg i really hope you win tonightt!

    ive been in love with you since the begining you really have an amzing voice and that smile you have really gets me.

  39. You are pretty perfect... You're so down to earth and appreciate everything in your journey. You will go very far! As for the girlfriend thing... I don't think any of us would mind being yours.. :D

  40. "23. I don’t have a girlfriend, but wouldn’t mind one"

    If you're looking, come my way! =) I know I wouldn't mind...

  41. Ashley - 29 - LV, NV

    Lee you have an incredible talent and it's so great to see someone who has worked and worked to reach a goal that not a lot of people have the opportunity to achieve. I LOVE to sing and I'm pretty good at it too and to see someone that's just a normal regular person like me working a normal job but loves music so much that it touches the core of your very being in ways that even YOU can't explain well it's just great to see someone like that, like you, be able to share that with the rest of us. Regardless, if you win or lose, you have made yourself known and have opened that door so you will be able to show off how great an artist you are. I'm originally a Midwest girl but now live in Vegas so make sure you include Vegas as a tour stop or just come for your own fun - if you need a tour guide - I'm your gal! Keep bringin' the music! xxoo

  42. As Simon said, Lee is what AI is all about -- the whole package! Lee, you are our next AMERICAN IDOL!!!!!

  43. I think that is so adorable that you admit to still tying your shoes with bunny ears....ummmm I do too :-)

    Congrats by the way!

  44. Congratulations!! I'm so proud of you, you deserve it.

  45. good job on winning! date me! email me!

  46. Hi Lee,

    I am so happy you won!!!! You are an IDOL especially to those who are just starting with their careers. You are the perfect example of a hard working and determined contestant in the show. Your dedication and passion drove you where you are now. Just keep believing in yourself and keep a positive outlook in life. Never doubt your capabilities, trust your instincts. Never hold back and always give it your all. Not every one is blessed to be given a break like this. Enjoy your new life and stay humble always :) Good luck and i am very sure you will be doing a lot of records that will be in the top list.


  47. Hallelujah is simply phenomonal. I still get goosbumps listening to it. Congratulations and best of luck to you.

  48. haha, lot in common. Anyway. So happy you won! Congrats. I hope to try out this year :)

  49. Lee,
    You are such an amazing singer and person.
    Im SO happy you won. you deserved it♥

    Im really surprised your single..just look at you..your unbelievably hot! Whoever gets to be your girlfriend will be one LUCKY girl...wish it was me ;)


  50. Lee, when you won last night, I jumped up and down and screamed and hooped and hollered. My dogs started doing it too, and we almost had a huge dog fight over it. I'm so happy for you and wish you much success in your future. I will buy all your albums and I'd be happy to be your girlfriend. 50 isn't too old for you, is it?

  51. OMG so glad you won! Also I didn't know you played the drums that's so cool and clowns are totally scary! So surprised you don't have a girlfriend.......Kat is lame for what she is going to type so not obsessed.

    Kat says to the gf thing: That's going to be a hard one, since now that your famous girls will just because like all these girls and jenny that have posted, and jenny, already there obsessed with you.

  52. if you dated Crystal that would be awesome...

  53. I'm not a fan in the fanatical sense. I'm not the obsessive type. But, I'm intrigued. You give me goosebumps when you sing and we have things in common I didn't expect, not many people I know share any of them. Something in your eyes tells me you're just a truly unique and amazing man with a big heart. That's so rare in show business. Good for you. You deserve all of these great things coming your way. It's your time.

  54. I hated Hallelujah as sung by contestants on past AI shows. But, Lee, you took that piece of brilliant music and made it your own -- it was unbelievable! Now, that's talent, and that song is now one of my favorites! Thanks to Simon for choosing that song for you to show America your incredible innate talent! I predicted correctly that you would be our next AMERICAN IDOL!!!

  55. Lee needs to stay close to his family and values to remain grounded and become successful, especially in this business. He should not get involved with the likes of Crystal because she appears to be too bossy and would come between Lee and his family. He deserves a lot more than that!

  56. Lee,

    It's so great reading all these comments and how much everyone loves you! You really are quite a guy! I think my favorite performance was "Treat her like a lady." One word...
    A-Maz-ing!!! ;)

    I can't wait for your third album to come out this October, so i've heard. Curious what you will title this one. Any hints?

    About your list of 25 things about you, well, we've got a few things in common, such as we are both drummers AND I am TERRIFIED of clowns (cant watch "IT"...eek!) ... pretty SWEET! But, you know, opposites attract too... I could remind you to plug in your cell phone and about birthdays! Reall, i don't mind! LOL! :)

    Anywho, you should come to Memphis in May next year. rains every year so be prepared! But that makes it more fun! We actually call it "Memphis in Mud" because its always so muddy. And for your personal entertainment, we have a baseball team, the Redbirds, as well as a pretty sweet Zoo... ;)

    Alright then... see you next May! :) Really...consider it...

    Your #1 fan (for real)

  57. Lee,
    Congrats on winning,I am beyond thrilled for you and you deserved it :) I've had a huge crush on you and have been a fan of yours from the start! I'm so happy for you and I can't wait for your album, I hope it's like your previous ones!!

  58. i am so in love with you Lee and i ve truely never rooted for any idol like i did for you...i am a fan for life..ur eyes and voice have totally captivated my heart...

    i ll be praying for your continuous success and dat God will guide and protect you...

    Lagos, Nigeria



    Lee,I'm a fan of yours actually I'm a fan of Crystal and you.
    I was totally hoping both of you could win!

    TO CRYSTAL HATERS:Crystal MIGHT be bossy but she's got her head on her shoulders and she's veryveryvery talented.

  61. Lee, I hope Crystal is not your type. She is a mama and imo, a bit funny, she talked about her boots when Ryan was talking, she talked about her tatoo when Ellen was talking and of late she talked about her bad morning when Kara was talking, announcing on air she and her hubby-boyfriend broke up. She looked so desperate for you. Not good for your career. Don't think both of you have that chemistry.
    Build your career first then later build your love life & family life, like Daughtry.
    Advice from your Fans. Wish you success in your music. Waiting for your new release album.

  62. awww! lee that so cute! i dont like vanilla ice cream either..i love u! and i have a secret crush on u ;) sorry u dont have a suprised u dont..and when u said u said u were romantic i smiled..i would love to dat u..if i was way to 12 haha..but whoever dates u is very lucky....

  63. Oh Lee, I have <3ed you since the beginning!! Congrats on winning!! My friend is a HUGE fan of yours, and she never really did watch Idol that much... but I do :). Hope you will visit Maryland soon...:) :) :)
    Peace, <3, and :),
    P.S. I <3ed seeing you on Ellen!! UNITED STATES! :):):):)

  64. lee, when i saw your audition on american idol i told everyone i knew that you were going to win and i followed you every step of the way. i'm a huge fan of yours and i can't even believe how musically talented you are. i literally cried when you won american idol because i was so happy for you and you are so deserving. you seem like an incredibly humble and giving person and i do have a bit of a crush on you (: i wish you the best throughout the rest of your life and maybe someday you'll be able to meet your biggest fan (: <3

  65. LEE!
    i am SOOO happy you won! yay :) you are AMAZINGLY talented, and yet so humble and nice! :) the hallelujah song that u sang, oh my word! gave me goosebumps! YOU ARE SUPER DUPER CUTE.
    i have never really been into a tv star so much ever before, none of the celebrity actors or tv starts. JUST YOU!
    i have such a big crush on you :)SO MANY PEOPLE DO, ACTUALLY!
    i hope ur entire life ahead is as awesome as you are :D
    lots n lots of love.
    <3 insiyah

  66. I am so glad I watched AI, I never usually bothered, but from the first time I saw you sing, I was hooked & even have my pals in Germany & Australia watching AI via the web, just to cheer you on. Your amazing & can't wait to see & hear more from you.
    Happy times for you. Much love coming from Kelly in the South West of England, with beaches & moorland & where wild ponies roam. You welcome anytime. x

  67. Hey Lee,
    Even though I know you might never read this here goes...
    Hope you are well.
    I am from South Africa and wish you could come here for some or other reason, But SA is always left out of all the great things in life...booo hoooo!!!
    Just want to say, Please please keep it real and stay true to yourself, There is something about you, Something in your eyes that is out of this world, that is so indescribable, From what I have seen you are an amazing person (wish I could actually meet you...but I will keep There is something about you that made me see life in a whole different way, I have new sight on my future (now 27 years young hehe).
    I really wish you all the best for you future, You have an amazing voice and I am sure with that voice and your true character, You will get very far in life, Just always remember who you are and stay true to that person.
    I love the fact that you sing from the heart, You sing with so much feeling and passion, I always end up crying. I love it when you are so emotional, woman don’t often see men being true but You, you are for real.
    Anyway, ALWAY STAY REAL!!
    PS, I will be waiting in the potential dating line, Just need to file for divorcé first...Just kidding!!!

  68. Congratulations, Lee...You are the best! With your voice, I was able to finally answer one of those 'deep' questions people have asked and I never had an answer for...if you had to give up your sight or hearing, which would it be? I would have to say I would give up my sight, because your voice is that of an Angel! I look forward to hearing what else you bring to our ears! Don't get me wrong - you are a cutie, too, but I'd listen to you sing anyday. :) Yes, I'll have a side of corn(iness) with that cheese(iness) please. :)
    Peace & love,

  69. Lee,

    You are AMAZING=). Keep up the great work and continue your passion for music. Really love that you have been staying so true to yourself throughout the whole season and all. Will 101% be supporting you all the way from SE Asia. XD!
    P.s. My boyfriend has the same birthdate as you. <3 so sweet and honest~ whoever is your future girlfriend will be so lucky~

  70. Lee, you are just so friggin cute!!! I'm married but I totally have a huge crush on you! My husband knows it, he just rolls his eyes at me, lol. I've never heard Beast of Burden before you sung it ( I don't listen to the Rolling Stones) And I have to say that I am obsessed with it. I listen to your version constantly. I don't really care for the original. The way you sing it...I don't even know what to say, I just love it! I wish you the best and all the happiness in the world! Just keep singing with that beautiful voice of yours!!! Love you!!!

  71. You are just absolutely amazing, there is nothing else I can say.

  72. Lee, you and Crystal were my favorites from the beginning of the show. I am from the city of Chicago but I'm living in Mexico so it was nice to see people from home do so well on the show. I am from the South Side though, so I must say I am a little disappointed you are a Cubs fan. I guess I'll let you pass :)

  73. 2qt2bstr8.....

    Congrats on being the winner - wishing you all the best with your career!!

  74. Hey Lee,

    I live in South Africa (enjoying watching my team Portugal in FIFA WC)I watched all the idols and when u were in the top 20, my money was on you already. Its so funny about the bunny ears i was taught it in boarding school and since then never wanted to learn how to tie my shoes any other way. As for heights, makes my stomach turn just looking down, so no thanks... As for not having a GF dont think that will be to tough, if you struggle call me ;) Vanilla Ice Cream is AMAZING tho.
    Well done Lee!
    You were amazing in Idols just keep yourself real. Dont allow the fame to ruin you out there. Because from what i saw u one of a kind!
    Your parents have done an amazing job.

    Keep it real
    Angela De Gouveia (Facebook Me) ;)

  75. Lee,
    I just want to let you know that I think you are gorgeous!!! You have the most amazing voice and I really mean it!! You and your career are always in my prayers! May God bless you a million times over!!
    Just another girl who loves you,
    Post Script: United States! :D

  76. LEE! Looking forward to seeing you perform this Sunday in ATL :) You are so talented and charming...You had me at 'Ain't No Sunshine'! P.S....Hoping to get a pic and autograph.

  77. Lee, you are amazing. I love all of your music. No matter how bad of a day I am having I can listen to any of your songs and everything that mattered before does not matter at all anymore. It just always makes me smile none of my other favorites(I can not choose just one) were able to do that. It takes a true artist, nothing else can compare to what a true artist can do given the opportunity. Everytime I see you or hear you perform your personality shows through and the emotions you put into your music shows as well. You are never too young to watch "Saved by the bell" I am in high-school and I watch it. English bulldogs are gorgeous dogs I love them and will be getting one when I move out...2 1/4 more years! Scrabble is awsome I play it all the time with my uncle, but I can not beat him he is a scrabble freak of nature. Fall is awsome, it's not too cold or too hot and after the leaves change it's gorgeous. It was also my great-grandmothers favorite so it really makes me view it with open eyes so I can get what she got out of it. She passed, so I always have something with me so that it still feels like she's here, yellow roses were her favorite and I made a symbol that represents myself and there is a huge yellow rose in the middle. Oh yeah terrified of heights but absolutely love free fall rides I have not figured that one out yet :). I love romance but all the guys at school are EXTREMELY immature, plus I am not good at expessing feelings so yeah. I eat too much every holiday thank goodness for a high metabolism. I am in journalism and our editor is obsessed with mac it's funny he just goes on and on and on. I am also in marching/concert band and I write a lot, I was wondering if you had any advice on writing songs, because for crying out loud I can write poems and I am working on a book but I can not write a song. Good luck, I voted A LOT and almost started crying when you won(a little stupid I know, but I was happy).