Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Post-Idol wrap-up: The Lee DeWyze edition

Lee DeWyze, is quickly learning about one of the most valuable commodities to an American Idol winner -- sleep. The Season 9 champ told that he got one hour of sleep the night before Wednesday's finale. "I got a whole list of things I have to take care of," he said Wednesday. "I'm looking forward to it all, but at the end of it, I'm definitely going to take a nice, long nap."

Lee DeWyze defended what some critics called a nervous, lackluster performance to People after the show that night. "It's not easy performing in front of seven thousand people in a situation like that," he said. "If I wasn't confident I wouldn't be able to do this. You have to have confidence to do this and I do, it's just that when I get up there, I get in my zone and do my thing and that's just how I am."

Lee also told Entertainment Weekly that he started feeling like he could win American Idol "when I stopped questioning myself." But if he felt that way, he kept it to himself. Crystal Bowersox told EW, "He's been humble through this whole thing. He's never once said 'I think I'm going to win.'"

Lee's friends back in Illinois tell MTV that winning American Idol is just the beginning for pal. "I knew it had to be him," says Brian Friedopfer. "It's the only thing that made sense.

Want to follow in Lee's footsteps next season? Here are his five keys to Idol success. And Bret Michael has this advice for Lee: "Enjoy what you're doing, live in the moment, get good people around you, and you'll have a long career."

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Source: Brian Mansfield, USA Today

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  1. Can't wait to hear Lee on piano, maybe doing his version of "Apologize" by One Repoublic