Saturday, June 5, 2010

Lee DeWyze - "Predicament" Video

American Idol winner Lee DeWyze in the video for "Predicament," off the 2007 Wuli Records release "So I'm Told."

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  1. hi Lee,

    Have seen this vid way before the finale and I like it! It made me noticed you every week. Though I love your voice at AI-- the raspy tone suits you.

    Cant wait for your album! Stay true to your music and i hope you keep in touch with your fans.

    all the best to you! jaide

  2. Lee, even if you never read this, maybe you'll feel this - in the response your fans give you as you play live.

    You are a hero because you are brave enough to be yourself. You don't try to imitate anyone else, even as you acknowledge your own influences. You have a great talent, but you are always working to improve.

    And you have a great and loving heart. Plus you have the bravery to reveal that, instead of concentrating of self-protection.

    You deserve to be the Idol. I only hope to hear much more of your wonderful work, and to watch you flourish for decades to come.

    Americans can be proud of you and of the country that has helped to nurture you.

  3. Beautiful Video and I like the song. You have such a wonderful style in your music, great vocals and your video shows more of your sensitivity side. Hope you make more videos. You can definitely sing. AWESOME!!!