Friday, May 21, 2010

Lee DeWyze Pre-Idol – The Making of ‘Annabelle’ – VIDEO

Lee DeWyze Pre-Idol – The Making of "Annabelle"
Author: mj

Lee DeWyze, Annabelle

Lee DeWyze is constantly introduced as “the paint salesman” by Ryan Seacrest on Idol, but actually, Lee is no neophyte to the music business. He’s already got two albums under his belt–his debut, So I’m Told, and the recently released Slumberland. Both records were produced by Chicago indie label, Wuli records.

The label just released a new video of Lee recording the tune “Annabelle” from the 2009 album Slumberland. The song is a mournful acoustic ballad, and quite different than what we’ve heard from Lee on Idol so far.

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  1. This is so NICE and AMAZING.
    I love this song! Thanks for posting it :)

  2. He's got an amazing voice. Love it.