Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Lee DeWyze, Crystal Bowersox and the Top 5 Idols Arrive in Orlando – Lee Parade, Q&A and AI Experience Appearance

Lee DeWyze Does Disney World -- Crystal Bowersox Too! | lee dewyze disney

Singing champ Lee DeWyze celebrated his recent victory as the newest "American Idol" today in a Hollywood-style motorcade through Disney's Hollywood Studios at the Walt Disney World Resort in Lake Buena Vista, Fla. Excited fans lined the streets, cheering on America's newest "Idol" as he greeted fans and joined in the fun as part of the many "What Will You Celebrate?" festivities taking place at Disney Parks.

The event is a celebration of Lee's crowning moment on "American Idol," and the singer living out his "I'm Going to Disney World!" pronouncement. DeWyze shouted the famous phrase mere moments after his big win at the Nokia Theatre on May 26 in Los Angeles. Lee is the third singer to shout out the famous line for the commercial that has starred some of the world's top athletes for more than 20 years. This year's spot celebrates the new "American Idol" themed attraction - "The American Idol Experience" - that opened at Disney's Hollywood Studios in February 2009. It is the first attraction anywhere in the world to be based on the pop culture phenomenon and immerses guests in the authentic feel of a live television production. In the attraction, Disney guests are able to experience the glitz and glamour of the "American Idol" television show - whether they are performing on stage in front of a packed theatre or voting for their favorite performance from their audience seats.

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  1. Enjoy it all, Lee! We can't wait to hear more from you. I just don't know who is cuter- the mouse or you! :)

  2. LOL....I think he's enjoying the parade, but I also think that his arm's getting tired from all the waving, and he probably feels a teensy bit foolish with Mickey Mouse there......but I am SO glad he won. My daughter and I were both pulling for him. Now begins the chaos!!

  3. that was a little weird..but i love u lee :)

  4. I think Lee would look cuter if Siobhan escorted him to Disneyland.

    Sioban is relevant and current to the new younger generation and to me, she has got this "fresh breath" in her. A good feeling vibes in her that is so her and so truthful, not fake. I love you Sioban.

    It would be great if you and LeeDewyze could do a duet song, as both of you have powerful and original vocals and both of you have this fresh aura that all of us like, and the both of you to sing. Well done, girl! Go and pursue your dreams, it will come true. Enjoy your tour but be yourself and humbleness, not let this get into your head.

  5. I thought it looked like a ton of fun and would love to have been there. So happy you won, congratulations!

    Love your music Lee!

    ~Anonymous~ So....if this is Lee's Blog, why are we talking about Siobhan??

  6. it was so funny when you told him to raise the roof! I love you! You are so amazing!!!!!

  7. this is lee's blog.... I love seeing anything Lee has done....
    I did not connect with Sioban... not at all.
    Go Lee!!!! Love him