Monday, May 17, 2010

Windy Welcome: A Sunny Homecoming in Chicago for Lee DeWyze

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CHICAGO IS A BIG CITY and a major TV market, but that didn't stop Fox Chicago from giving Lee DeWyze the breaking news treatment.

And who wouldn't want a picture of himself below "hot topics" like "Sexy Palin"?

Part of Lee's hometown throwdown included the requisite interview with the on-air team — a confab that was awkwardly conducted at the newsdesk, making me wonder if Lee was going to give us traffic and weather together on the eights.

One of the news crew's zingers: Who does Lee think will wind up in the finale?

"It could be anybody," Lee said. "Anything can happen, cause I've seen great people go. ... I just hope I'm there."

The anchors also point out that Lee's single, which he seems to enjoy about as much as when Seacrest dims the lights for "Idol's" elimination sessions.

And holy crap. I was kidding about traffic and weather a paragraph or two ago, but it turns out they actually did have him do the weather with Portly Jolly Weather Guy. Lee actually seems to be having a good time, which is surprising given his usual reticence to ad lib when he's on "Idol." Also, his Chicago accent is out in full force. Oh my gyad.

He'll have a parade through his neighborhood of Mount Prospect at 4:30 p.m. Friday, Fox reports. He'll give a sold-out mini-concert in Arlington Park at 6:30.

The Sun-Times also has an interview with Lee about his homecoming, which yielded this interesting response to a question from reporters Bill Zwecker and Kara Spak about which judge gives the best advice:

Lee said: "It doesn't happen all that often, because they have us doing so much, between rehearsing and doing all sorts of stuff, but when they do come up to us privately -- they are only encouraging. Obviously, on the show they say things that aren't always so nice, but that's their job."

So maybe Simon is really a teddy bear in person?

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  1. Hey, Lee if you didn't sing so darn well I would say to get a job as a weather man cuz you were GOOD!! I would rather watch you do the weather then any other weather reporter I have watched! OMG!! You get excited!! That is great!! 8) Glad to see you having FUN!!

  2. i am g0o0g0o0 I am from Saudi Arabia
    i love you and I am sure you well win
    And all my friends love you strongly so good luck in Mtqublk technical and we will be with you forever

  3. Hey Lee,
    I'm a sixty year old grandmother, and I want you to know that you're something special. The love, and warmth came right through the screen on Tuesday, May 18. You brought me to tears. You are the NEXT AMERICAN IDOL!!! I should've kept it a secret, but I had to tell ya!

    I am proud of you and how your parents have raise you. May God bless you throughout your career.

  4. Lee! I think you are super great!! Love you love you love you! Good luck pal!

  5. Lee I'm from Venezuela and I've watched this show from season 1. It's my favorite program and I admire Simon C! Well, I wrote on my facebook that if you don't win this time, I swear it will be the end for me of American Idol(Excuse me for my writing).Cause you are THE BEST!!!!! lOVE YOU.

  6. U rock!!!!!!!!!!!! Loved u doing the weather u were great :) Simple Man and Hallelujah were 2 of ur best performances...UR GONNA WIN :) love ya and keep rocking!!!!