Thursday, May 20, 2010

Lee Dewyze, on going home to see his fans...

Blogger: Lee DeWyze Blog

“I’m very appreciative of this whole experience. Truthfully, there’s more than just getting up there and performing every week. It’s the people back at home – and the people everywhere – who are voting for me and supporting me. Without them, I wouldn’t be here. Going back home and getting to see all the people that will be there is going to be really awesome.”

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  1. Lee, I knew from your first audition that you were the one to watch! You have an amazing gift! THANK YOU for laying it all on the line and giving us so much of your heart and soul with that RIVETING performance of Hallelujah last night!!!! I was truly moved by your sincerity and vulnerability, and I feel blessed to be able to experience your gift!!!

  2. You are the ONE .... LEE!!!

    Greetings from Singapore!

  3. Lee, they said you went back to Hollywood a changed man. Do you also realize that your visit back here to Arl. Hts. & Mt. P. changed so many of us? You have touched us all so deeply. You are such an incredible, sincere young man and you deserve all that this experience has to offer. Don't let Idol change the real Lee! Thanks for a wonderful homecoming visit. We'll never ever forget seeing you!

  4. Lee, you deserve to win Bro'! Go, man, go!!
    Greetings from South Africa.

  5. Hi Lee.... I'm from Colombia... (sorry for my bad English) it's comforting to hear voices like yours today; I heard your songs are great and I hope you continue in that direction regardless of the outcome of "american idol"... DO NOT WASTE YOUR HEART... It is a shame not to find the cd here.... I always want to hear good news from you, good news!... you have a big fan in Bucarmanga-Colombia.
    God bless you always... have a nice day and enjoy!!!! May you have many messages here and not read it, but for me it was nice to write to you ^.^

  6. well; actually i am from algeria (miliana) i realy like ur voice i wish u good luck ,and i want to tell u that u are so awesom when u sing . and finally ijope we will hear good new of u.

  7. Lee, your voice makes our day special,worth living colorful,meaningful and filled with love and inspiration. Well done Lee.

    However, don't let fame and materialism destroy your original YOU. Stay original, don't be what you are not, be yourself and don't overworked yourself and let stress and pressure control you. Know your LIMITS.

    GOD BLESS YOU. HALLELUJAH. Thanks to Simon for that Hallelujah song choice. God bless you too, Simon.

    Luv LEE Fan